What is VCES’s service area?

Valley Care & Enrichment Services, Inc is proud to serve the residents, nursing home communities, extended care facilities and hospitals state wide in the great state of Arizona

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Does VCES provide medical attention?

No.  We are strictly a non-emergency transportation company. We do not provide medical treatment at anytime, nor do we provide ambulance service.

Can I request same day travel with your company?

Yes, for same day trips please

Call 602-437-0106 or 1888-765-5055

FAX a Transportation Pick-up request form to 602-437-0109 or

Request a pick up online at www.valleycaretransport.com

Do you provide a wheelchair?


How can I pay for VCES’s transportation?

If you have a case manger that is specifically approving the transport, we will certainly file your insurance for you after we receive authorization from your case manger

Can I book a trip online?

Yes, it is possible to access a trip order online go to www.valleycaretransport.com and then request a pick. We ask for a few facts in order to make the trip as pleasant as possible

Do I need to be a medical “patient” in order to use your service?

No, many elderly individuals or those with disabilities or conditions that make it difficult for them to drive use VCES

Would be all right for a family member or a caregiver to ride a long during a transport?

Yes, we welcome one other rider to accompany the patient and there is no extra charge for this service.

For long trips, say from Flagstaff to Phoenix, will the driver stop for bathroom breaks and can the driver give medications that my doctor has ordered?

Yes, VCES can assist with the administration of medications. Caregivers or family members accompanying the patient can also assist and administer medications according to the wishes of the patient and their doctor.

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